Royale Brothers


Sunday was Royale Brothers. After making it into The Burger Adventure Top 10 for 2014, I was keen to try these guys out. Had also heard some good things from others.

I had the “Royale with Cheese” of course, and naturally there were Pulp Fiction puns a plenty to be had. This thing looked delicious from the get go. Fast service and a delicious burger with the perfect blend of saucy, messy, meaty and salady goodness. Really liked their “milk bun” too. Only thing that lets this burger down was the overuse of mustard. It was a little overpowering, even though I really like Dijon mustard. Really good burger though. Recommended!

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Beatbox Kitchen


Saturday night visited Beatbox Kitchen at White Night in Alexandra Gardens.

Wow, these guys really churn it out. They were really busy, and I was impressed by the professionalism and quality of the burger – the Raph Burger. Very meaty taste, and cooked perfectly medium. Nice bit of salad and the mayonnaise based sauce (“stereo sauce”) mixed well with the meat juices to ensure that the whole thing was dripping down my arm. Bun was a bit plain jane, but the burger could probably be classed as “traditional.” A solid effort. Pity Matt Turner was not as impressed with his. Apparently lacking the stereo sauce that made mine so good!

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OnIt Burgers #2


Second visit to Onitburger in FTG. “Bacon Jammy!” The beef here is delicious. The bacon jam is divine. Next time I’ll get something with some salad in it, but this thing is seriously tasty. They’re still too expensive, but at least they’re saving me from driving into the city for a decent burger. Good beer too!

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Tuck Shop Takeaway


I have a new #1!

Tuck Shop Take Away is a must do burger experience. Everything about this burger is just right. Perfect bun, patty, salad and sauce. And the “cuts” – chips to the rest of us. Perfect crispy, salty, potato goodness. I’m not normally big on the chips, but they are a must at this place.

Be warned, the service here is adequate, but not friendly. They know they are good, and focus on the food rather than service. When I return, I will be trying the shakes and cakes. It was part of my plan, but I decided that those things are not a good match for beer.

Perhaps the most surprising part, is how good this burger looks in the photos, after having been wrapped for take away and then transported to a local park. They only have 10 seats, and are always busy, so eating in is not going to be an option here often…

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Laurie Dee’s


Belated review of Laurie Dee’s burgers; although quite timely given The Burger Adventure just named this the #1 burger in all of Melbourne for 2014.

And, they are wrong…

Complete waste of time heading all the way out to Epping. Matt Turnercommented that it was “one step above Hungry Jack’s.” This pretty much sums it up. Great “smashed” patties’, with a real tasty crispiness to them. Otherwise, boring McDonald’s bun with too much cheese and too much sauce. “Frozen Custard”s” were nice, but gave me sugar headache afterwards.

The kids had a good time working off the sugar rush though…


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OnIt Burgers

Onit Burger

Well.., who would have thought that a proper burger joint would open in Ferntree Gully of all places!! It’s true, and so close!

I’ve been eagerly waiting for this place to open, since I first heard the news about a month to go. On It Burgers opened yesterday, and I was one of the lucky ones to be first in the doors.

First impressions: this place is done up like a doctor’s waiting room. C’mon guys, how about a little personality??

Staff were predictably inexperienced. So many staff that don’t really know what they are doing is a recipe for disaster. I’m sure this will improve over the coming weeks though. Shouldn’t complain too much, as I ordered a pot of beer, and received a pint! The kitchen was under pressure, although they managed to get my burger out within 15 minutes.

Most importantly, the burger… This is a proper burger. I had the “On It Burger” which is basically just a cheeseburger. Pretty much perfectly cooked, with just the right amount of sauce (mayonnaise base). Great fresh salad on a bun that was really good. Not brioche like so many burger places use, but a really good quality bread roll; soft, but with enough structure to hold the burger inside.

My only gripe is that for Ferntree Gully, this place is a little expensive. $12.50 for such a simple burger is expensive even for inner city! I’ll be back though, if only to save myself the trouble of driving so far to get my burger fix.

Oh yeah, they have a burger with “bacon jam” that I’ll be having next time…

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