Rockwell & Sons


This place has been on my list from the beginning and has a bit of curiosity factor about it. Consistently highly rated amongst those in the know, it didn’t disappoint. In the eating phase there was nothing to fault about this burger. Creamy sauce, delicious meat, perfect bun and cheesy cheese. Not much wrong with that. Unfortunately, the curiosity of this burger was it’s only let down. After eating, the taste of the Kraft singles cheese (the curiosity) is all that lingers, and lingers. Thank god for beer – oh yeah, great beer here…

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Brother Burger & the Marvellous Brew


My first double patty experience. Very meaty, with lots of big flavours coming from the lashings of mustard and tomato ketchup. Overall a great burger experience, but let down by the bun – it was just plain Jane and had no ability to control the oodles of grease pouring from the patties.

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The Dandenong Pavilion


“The General” at Dandenong Pavilion

Interesting venue this one. Very much still a pub bistro vibe, but they have a “secret” burger menu. Note: You must ask for the “secret burger menu” otherwise it will not be provided for you.

Sat down in front of several menus, it would have been quite a confusing choice, if I hadn’t already decided that the secret menu was the only way to go.

This is a quality burger. I was a little concerned by how fast this thing came out. We were busy chatting, but it seemed no more than 5 mins between ordering and receiving the burger. The chips were nothing to write home about. Solid effort, but still frozen chips from a packet at the end of the day.Tuck Shop Take Away spoiled me I’m afraid. They also put seasoning on the chips, which did nothing but annoy me because it got all over my hands! Anyway, it’s about the burger; not the chips.

Burger had a great flavour – nice brioche bun, double patty with nice char and great tasting cheese. Only let down for me was slightly too much sauce – mustard and vinegar. Otherwise a tasty burger. Recommended.

PS. You can also get yourself a steak or chicken parma here if you so desire…

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Mr Scruff’s


Mr Scruffs in Collingwood proving that brioche is indeed a great bread to surround your burger with!

This burger was so creamy. Added bacon to this one. The buttery brioche bun, cheese and mayonnaise sauce all blended with the creamy beef patty to make one delicious burger. We both commented that the burger patty would have been better with a little char flavour, but I guess that’s just my personal preference. Hamish Burnet had the double patty and barely a word was said while he devoured it, quick smart.

The pulled pork taco was disappointing. The pork was too dry. Looks pretty though.

Wishing Pinky hadn’t bought the poutine. The burger was so delicious, but the only lingering aftertaste was the damn chips and what tasted like packet gravy. Last time I listen to recommendations from behind the bar!

Go to Mr Scruffs; go now!!!


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