Grand Trailer Park Taverna


Last night’s burger adventure: Grand Trailer Park Taverna.

Really awesome venue in the CBD. It’s owned by the same people that brought us Dandenong Pavilion in the burbs. As such, the menu has some similarities, but it is much more extensive, as this is a burger joint only! The decor is way more fun too, with some old-school caravan inspired booths across the room. Great fun!

My burger (without chips), “KSA,” was very similar to the one I enjoyed at Dandenong. Very creamy, pleasing experience, but as per my normal whinge, didn’t really have enough char flavour to get it across the line. They were generous with the mayo sauce, and the cheese flavour here was great! A bit of lettuce and tomato are added to make it “healthy.” My dining companion had the “Atomic,” and the response was favourable for this one. Not too much fire apparently, but a tasty burger!


All in all a solid burger experience. Definitely recommended if you’re in the CBD, and a great venue. Oh, good beer here too!


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