Beer & Burger Bar


Thursday’s burger – better late than never.

I had high hopes for this place, given that it is so close to my new place. It had all the makings of a great burger place, with several taps of craft beer to wet my whistle. Unfortunately, some creative types in the kitchen decided that a beef burger needs to have Swiss cheese and beetroot relish. Weird. Loved the onion ring on the top though; nice touch.

Next time I will try the cheeseburger. It looks a little more traditional.

Oh, and while I’m at it, never – and I mean never ever – go to the Macawber Tavern in Belgrave and order their beef burger. The burger was SO bad, it made the limp, cold chips almost heavenly in comparison. Clearly the chefs there simply don’t care. Didn’t take a photo because I want to forget.

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Burger Boys (Deja Vu Bar)


Last nights burger (and beer) adventure.

Came here for the GBW event “Flavour Train.” 12 (big) tastings of some very unusual beers. From korma to smoked ham, fruit and nut to passion fruit and white chocolate, all the beers challenge your perception of what “beer” actually is. And the flavours were incredibly accurate.

So, I needed sustenance and was greeted by this little beauty. Pure, unadulterated burger. No rabbit food to be seen. Beef, cheese, bacon and sauce. It was a slightly soggy number, but stayed together well enough for me to appreciate every delicious mouthful. I would come here again for the beer, and the burgers, but beware, the service was at times appalling. So slow behind the bar it wasn’t funny. I felt like I was invisible standing there waiting to be served, and they were just staring into space (or chatting to mates)!

On my way now to GABS for so many delicious festival beers. Hoping that MeatMother will have their burnt ends burger there too. Mmmmmmm…

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The Alehouse Project


Ok, so here we go. I’ve fallen behind. Last night at The Alehouse Project I smashed massive beers and soaked it all up with this delicious burger. Nothing to write home about. Just a solid burger. Surprisingly I didn’t miss the sesame seeds on the bun. Overcooked patty. Sadly the “fries” were served in a basket. So passé. But the beer made it so good.
Too much bun, not enough burger, cheese, deliciousness. Perfect to fill a gaping hole of hungriness, but nothing more, nothing less!

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The B.East #2


Came back to The B.East for another go at The Sexy – sober this time. Another lunch time jaunt in the middle of a Bunnings new store setup.

Great burger. I love the way a double patty makes you struggle as the 2 patties slide around against each other. Great tasting burger that really hit the spot. If I’m being picky, there was a little too much tomato sauce for my liking. I will be back.


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First things first.., this ain’t my photo. I had to rip this one from the interwebs because I forgot to take a photo of the actual burger. This happens to me so often. I sit there impatiently waiting for my awesome burger to arrive, and when it finally does, I totally forget about the photo. Anyway, based on all reports, Huxtaburger are a bunch of pros, and the burger delivered to me looked exactly like this. I’m sure they are always this consistent!

Monday lunch; Mr Scruff’s closed; let’s hit up Huxtaburger whilst taking a break from setting up the new Bunnings store in Collingwood with Phil Foreman. This place had been on my list from the very start, but I was a little reluctant given their fame.

Very solid burger experience. I’d be happy to eat here on a regular basis. Not the best I’ve had though. It was great to finally have another burger with tomato sauce on it. This thing had all the classic burger ingredients: beef, cheese, pickles, mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, lettuce, tomato and the all important brioche bun. I really respect that. Classic burger, done well!

Have to note that I actually ordered chips this time, and the old crinkle cuts just don’t do it for me. Plenty of burger joints are setting a much higher standard on the chip front, and I should be saving those carbs for a more worthy venue.

Next time I’m in this area, I’ll definitely be heading to Easey’s. Need to give it some time for the buzz to die down though. I can’t wait to chow down on a burger in those old train carriages. Ah the memories…

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Mr. Burger (Truck)


Mr. Burger – Mr Meat. Lots going on here, with plenty of meaty flavour coming from the patty, bacon and cheese. Bit of a soggy bun experience, and I didn’t like the BBQ sauce that was on it at all. Pretty average burger for me, despite the rave reviews from so many. Worth a try, but nothing to write home about. Got this one from the truck at Edinburgh Gardens, North Fitzroy.

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