First things first.., this ain’t my photo. I had to rip this one from the interwebs because I forgot to take a photo of the actual burger. This happens to me so often. I sit there impatiently waiting for my awesome burger to arrive, and when it finally does, I totally forget about the photo. Anyway, based on all reports, Huxtaburger are a bunch of pros, and the burger delivered to me looked exactly like this. I’m sure they are always this consistent!

Monday lunch; Mr Scruff’s closed; let’s hit up Huxtaburger whilst taking a break from setting up the new Bunnings store in Collingwood with Phil Foreman. This place had been on my list from the very start, but I was a little reluctant given their fame.

Very solid burger experience. I’d be happy to eat here on a regular basis. Not the best I’ve had though. It was great to finally have another burger with tomato sauce on it. This thing had all the classic burger ingredients: beef, cheese, pickles, mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, lettuce, tomato and the all important brioche bun. I really respect that. Classic burger, done well!

Have to note that I actually ordered chips this time, and the old crinkle cuts just don’t do it for me. Plenty of burger joints are setting a much higher standard on the chip front, and I should be saving those carbs for a more worthy venue.

Next time I’m in this area, I’ll definitely be heading to Easey’s. Need to give it some time for the buzz to die down though. I can’t wait to chow down on a burger in those old train carriages. Ah the memories…

Huxtaburger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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