Tuck Shop Takeaway #2


Snuck this one in on Friday before Tuck Shop Take Away closes for a few weeks holiday (28/6 – 13/7).

Their ‘Minor Burger’ is still the best in Melbourne and the chips are so good! Don’t be fooled by the ugliness – the only thing this place lacks is ample seating so the burger doesn’t get crushed by the packaging before I get my camera on the job. The view of the bay at Brighton is sadly missing from the shot also. Great backdrop for a tasty burger. And the mess in my lap fromeating in the car was delightful!

Was bitterly disappointed that they had sold out of the redskin brownies when we got there. Oh well, looks like I’ll have to go there again soon! smile emoticon

I’m in the mood for revisiting some of my favorites…

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Hello Sam


I’ve been avoiding posting about this one since Saturday. A major disappointment. Another failure from a promising looking burger joint near my new digs. Sad face!

I had been meaning to make it to Hello Sam for a few weeks now, and perhaps the expectation has weighed down their performance somewhat. Typically (according to my stereotype) this experience came complete with the usual crap Chapel St attitude and service we all know and love. Couldn’t muster a smile, didn’t care, forgot my beer, then expected me to rave about the place.

To the positive first. These onion rings were amazing, served with an equally amazing aioli (albeit from a factory). Crunchy, oniony, fryolated deliciousness of the highest order. …but this is a burger place!

Please, please, please, for the love of god never, ever, ever put salad mix on a burger. The bitterness of the leaves adds far too much complexity to what is one of the simplest forms of deliciousness known to man. And don’t mess with the cheese! I don’t know what they did with the cheese, but it was not good. Almost like they spread a thick layer of mayonnaise on the patty, then melted a slice of cheese over the top. I suspect that it is far more technical than that. Something more along the lines of a Heston Blumenthal-esque act of scientific wizardry, which was totally unnecessary. No need to be too cool for school people. K-I-S-S!

Take me back to Collingwood for a real burger. Richmond; you suck. South Yarra; you suck. Gareth, we’re going somewhere else…

PS. Pinky had the double and looked happy. Was hard for him to offer any praise, as I was whining so loudly. Does look meaty and delicious!


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Another delicious burger has entered into the realm of my privileged existence. In addition, my obsession appears to be having a significant affect on those who spend time with me – whether by choice, or by circumstance (forced servitude). Another burger with workmates…

So, my lovely friend Julie has offered up a relatively new place, close to work. I am convinced that her main motivation was to come along for the burger ride. No burgers for 4 or 5 years – that’s crazy talk!!!

And what a burger to reintroduce yourself to such a fine culinary delight. It’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it? Let me introduce the “House Burger” with added bacon. Great work Burgerlab 3194! Perfectly cooked patty with a great balance of creamy sauces and cheese, fresh “veg” and pretty good pickles. Bun was a good one, but I’ve had better. This thing is a real mouthful!

The absolute standout here are the prices – so cheap. I will find it hard to avoid many repeat visits here. I noted that the house burger is the same price as the Chicken Schnitzel focaccia at the cafe we frequent. Oh, I am so sick of that focaccia!

Special mention goes to our favorite chauffeur, Howard, who drove us there, as my sleepiness after this little journey could not be countered by the (very good) coffee on offer here.

PS. Joanne next time we will not take no for an answer!

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Big Dog Diner

Big Dog Diner

Another mid-week lunch time burger adventure. This place is all about value, but they don’t skimp on the quality either.

A massive cheeseburger, this thing must be 190-200g, all wrapped by a huge bun, with plenty of cheese, mayo, tomato, lettuce and pickles. I’ve had some pretty awesome burgers lately, and the condiments on this one let it down, as well as the lack of care I witnessed in the preparation.

While standing waiting to order, I saw the cook cut right into a patty to check if it was cooked. Big no no in my opinion. I mean, c’mon. Burgers are what you do. Surely you can cook a consistent patty, without having to massacre it in the process.

Overall this was a positive experience, and it was very cheap for what it was. $10 Tuesday special with fries and can of drink.
The fries were just standard fries. A good solid burger. If you’re down this way, get on it.

Oh, and I love a burger that requires this many napkins to clean up after myself. So messy=so good!

Sorry you missed out Phil Foreman!


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Chew Burger


Question: Am I going on all these dates just so I can have someone to eat a burger with, or am I actually looking to meet someone??

So, Chew Burgers last night. Wow! This place is quality. It’s all the way up the Bell St end of Plenty Rd, so clearly the hipster revolution is spreading a long way north. What’s even better about this place is The Raccoon Club next door. Great bar with a great selection of beer on tap. You can order your burger, then head to the bar next door. When it’s ready (you get a buzzer thingy) go back, grab them and then eat them in the bar. They will even take the baskets back for you! GOLD!

The burger. Had “The Chew.” It’s a pretty little number. Plenty of sauce dripping out, with a perfectly cooked medium-rare patty. And the pickles! And the sauces! Oh my God! Amazing! Hands down best pickles ever! The bun was lacking in the sesame seed department, but overall I rate this burger very highly. These guys mean business.

(Side note, it was cold last night, and the burger place was about the same temperature inside as out. The bar was nice and toasty though.)

Jill, this is where we will go to get you on the burger train! Not too far away, and oh so satisfying!

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