Chew Burger


Question: Am I going on all these dates just so I can have someone to eat a burger with, or am I actually looking to meet someone??

So, Chew Burgers last night. Wow! This place is quality. It’s all the way up the Bell St end of Plenty Rd, so clearly the hipster revolution is spreading a long way north. What’s even better about this place is The Raccoon Club next door. Great bar with a great selection of beer on tap. You can order your burger, then head to the bar next door. When it’s ready (you get a buzzer thingy) go back, grab them and then eat them in the bar. They will even take the baskets back for you! GOLD!

The burger. Had “The Chew.” It’s a pretty little number. Plenty of sauce dripping out, with a perfectly cooked medium-rare patty. And the pickles! And the sauces! Oh my God! Amazing! Hands down best pickles ever! The bun was lacking in the sesame seed department, but overall I rate this burger very highly. These guys mean business.

(Side note, it was cold last night, and the burger place was about the same temperature inside as out. The bar was nice and toasty though.)

Jill, this is where we will go to get you on the burger train! Not too far away, and oh so satisfying!


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