Burgerlab3194 and Beer Deluxe Hawthorn


Friday was a 2 burger day! I shall call this duo: “The Juxtaposition of Good and Evil!”

Lunch saw my third visit to Burgerlab in Mentone. This one is the “Good.” The burger thing is really catching on at work, with 6 of us making it a proper posse! This time I had the Free Range Bacon Burger. Bit of a wanky name, but a great burger this one. They really have the balance right here. Meaty, creamy, saucy, cheesy, briochey, salady goodness! Who cares what Dave Chang says – I reckon that salad has a place in a burger. But only tomato and lettuce, please (iceberg, or cos of course)! That means no beetroot!

IMG_6259      IMG_6260

Second burger (evil) was at Beer Deluxe in Hawthorn. These guys should be ashamed of themselves. Lacking in every way, horrible tasting patty, overcooked, lacking flavour and sauce and tomato. Terrible. And salad mix?? Why?? Just because it’s there in the kitchen?? Bitter. Wrong. Do not go here for a burger. Good beer, TERRIBLE BURGERS!!! David Williams had the “Deluxe” and it was deluxe terrible. 2 horrible patties, and lacking in all the same ways. These burgers were on the expensive side too. $13 for a cheeseburger, $20 for the deluxe burger. You need to really wow me for that money. Even for $8 these would be a rip off. End of rant.

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Trunk Diner


So, I felt the need to wait a little while before I decided just how I felt about this little beauty. I’d heard great things about Trunk Diner, but when this landed in front of me last Friday night, I felt a little disappointed. It just doesn’t look appealing.

But once I actually did their work for them, and put the salad where it belongs in the burger, this was actually pretty good.

The stand out was the patty. So thick and juicy. Cooked perfectly with plenty of pink in the middle. Delicious. But seeds people, seeds on every bun!

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