Burgerlab #3


Announcement: BURGERS MAKE ME SO HAPPY!!! (I’m just a simple guy…)

Thanks for suggesting another trip to Burgerlab 3194 Phil Foreman! It’s been too long between burgers! (approx. 2 weeks?!)

This trip provided me with an opportunity to break my burger rules, as this was my 4th trip here. Normally, I stick to the basic burger – generally a cheeseburger – with bacon as the only addition allowed. Otherwise, keepin’ it bog stock! Given that I have adhered to these rules on previous visits, I decided on something new – a chicken burger. They call it the “Atomic Rooster.”

I have been dreaming of some good ol’ fashioned fried chicken for a few weeks now. There are a couple of fried chicken joints in Melbourne on my list. Well this has convinced me to get out there and try them. Loved it! Another great burger from the guys at Burgerlab, although I thought the combination of pickles AND jalapenos was a little OTT. Gave the sauces a bit of a “manufactured” taste. And 2 slices of cheese! Not sure if this was a mistake, albeit a delicious one?

The coffee here also deserves a mention. Not too shabby!

Grinning from ear to ear! I can see myself coming here over and over to feed my obsession. No doubt the burger coma will soon set in; caffeine can only hold it back for so long!

Will need to wake up for a bike ride when I get home to work it all off…


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