Cultural Commons


Paid a visit to Cultural Commons for lunch today. Had been planning a trip here for a while ever since Gareth suggested it, but of course he didn’t bother to come. Loser!

First impressions were not great; the place was pretty empty and the prices steep. Good selection of burgers on offer, with some interesting combinations to tempt you.

Came here for the “Mack,” and so didn’t deviate from that choice. After seeing Darren’s “American Dream” and Howard’s “OG” I was a little jealous…

The Mack was a pretty simple affair, with shredded lettuce (don’t shred teh lettuce!), lots of mustard (too much IMO), cheese, red onion, “mack” sauce, on a brioche bun. Man, that bun was seriously buttery and sweet. Way OTT. And the whole combination was just too creamy. It’s a large burger, for sure, but I am left feeling way too full and bloated. Just too rich! And I barely remember tasting the patty.

A pretty good experience, but given the $18 price tag (incl. chips), I don’t think I would go again. Judging by the serious lack of customers in the place today, I’m sure that others have reached the same conclusion.

Only time will tell…

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