Fat Bob’s


Ah, Fat Bob’s, you have been on my list of burger joints to try for so long now. Funny that too, as it is literally just down the road from work. Unfortunately your burgers are pricey, and for that, you don’t get my love for so long.

I had the Jackie O, as dictated by my burger rules. Now, so I am not misunderstood, this is one hell of a tasty burger. It’s got all the makings of a top contender. Presentation is flawless.


The reason I included a photo of my half-devoured burger, is to highlight the pinkness of the patty. Now for me this is absolutely acceptable; in fact encouraged! This thing was dripping blood and juices, and I was lapping it up, caveman style. But (and this is a big BUT!!!), if you are going to serve a medium rare patty, you MUST season that baby just right. This one was sadly lacking and it just detracted from the whole experience. It’s like eating raw meat. The salt and pepper is critical!

Otherwise a good combination of flavours. It’s a member of the ‘tomato sauce and mustard combination must dominate’ camp, with a slightly less prominent mayonnaise presence to round it out. The salad is so fresh, and the bun was surprisingly good – soft, but not too soft, and flavoursome without being overpowering like some brioche buns can be – despite the lack of sesame seeds. Nice bite from the cheese too.

Darren reckons the “Victa” (chicken burger) was top notch – one of the best he’s had.


Gareth somehow managed to get his mouth around that “Fat Bob” despite the presence of way too many ingredients – beetroot and egg = OTT and too hot to handle, make a mess everywhere, but it’s oh so good, yeah!


Good selection of beer here, but being lunchtime on a workday, no such luck.

Fat Bob's Bar & Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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