Grill’d review! This could be controversial…

It’s common knowledge that I love burgers, and one of the most common questions I get is: “What do you think of Grill’d?” I always reply, truthfully, that I haven’t been there for years, and I don’t think it was that memorable. I always thought that they just took the McDonalds’ model, and applied it to ‘gourmet’ burgers. Nothing wrong with that, but for me there is no passion, or craft, in mass producing burgers and having 16 year olds cook them – and in a shopping centre no less.

Now, they do make a song and a dance about the quality of the ingredients on their website… But wait, so do McDonalds! Good marketing can’t replace the soul, and love required to make a great burger.

Anyway, Gareth floated the idea for a visit to Grill’d today, and I could hardly say no to that. Slightly stretching my burger rules, I had the “Crispy Bacon & Cheese.” When ordering, the guy (16 year old) told me that the seeded bun was wholemeal, so I went for the sour dough option.

Which segues nicely into my first complaint… This is not a bun designed for a burger. I finished with flour on my nose; not grease. The patty tasted ok, but a little manufactured, and was cooked all the way through. The cheese was actually quite nice! But, the sauces were not great – relish was ok, but the herb mayo just tasted manufactured (there’s that word again). The lettuce was crisp and fresh, although the tomato’s were clearly sliced in a large batch at least a day previous, if not more.

I think I get “it.” A consistently good gourmet burger that leaves you feeling like you could have just eaten something healthy. But, that’s just not what burgers are about for me. I won’t be rushing back here.


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