Chew Burger #2



Hardly surprising that a visit from the Blackwell’s had me thinking burgers. The pressure was on to produce the goods; to come up with a recommendation that would show I am a true burger connoisseur! Last time I went for burgers with the Turner’s at Laurie Dee’s it was a horrible experience, with a unanimous verdict that their burgers were scarcely better than Hungry Jack’s. OMG, what an indictment!

This time I left nothing to chance. Keen observers will note I was here a few months ago, and loved it! But this time was guaranteed to be even better, with the chance to share it with my favourite people in the world – my family!

Chew Burgers does this area proud. Our posse of 11 really filled this place up. The kids stared mesmerised at the classic 1980’s video games, trying to figure out exactly what was wrong with the touch screen… (credit Matt for this joke) We waited with baited breath, until the onion rings came out; and it was ON!

Onion rings were amazing – unanimous! Funny how my whole family got into the spirit of rating the burgers. Seems they have all been paying attention to my reviews, with the kids all well versed in the “burger rules.” I was accused several times of breaking them, but no, I followed them to the letter. There were comments about the heavy handed use of ketchup and mustard; the bun being too big; perhaps the patty was too pink (no, never!); Jill fell in love with the paprika on the onion rings (made in house, of course).

For me, this is a great burger. As above, definitely one from the “ketchup and mustard rather than mayonnaise” camp. Perfectly pink patty, with a fantastic bun that only suffered from being a little too large. This is a 190g patty, so it’s a big burger. Love the attention to detail from these guys, with everything seemingly made in-house, with love (within reason – they ain’t a bakery). All-in-all, everyone was happy! Mission accomplished.


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