Chur Burger (Hotel Kew)


Oh happy day Chur Burger is in Melbourne – this weekend only at Hotel Kew. Or that’s what they say on their FB page anyway. According to the guy behind the bar, it’s here to stay. In the name of ‪#‎fomo‬ I came down here quick smart so as not to miss out!!!

Sitting outside, right next to the kitchen, I could smell the beef on the grill. Oh, the anticipation. Will it meet my lofty expectations. Can the second run ever live up to the memory of the first glorious experience. Science says no; I’m here to test that theory out…

The guy behind the bar was keen to point out that the patty would come out medium rare. No such luck. Medium well for sure, but still juicy. I should point out, I suspect this was the first burger they have sold. They were very keen to get my feedback; and it was relayed directly to the kitchen.

The pickles are unbelievable – next level. Damn I love pickles. The bun has a little extra sweetness, but the thick patty balances that just nicely. Lots of sauce, but not too much. Balancing on the precipice, without going over the edge. This is a delightful experience.

The scientists are right. The second time round can never quite match up to the first, especially given the bar was set so high initially. But I would come back here over and over, despite my little whinges. No doubt once they get some practice in, they will get better. If that patty was medium rare, it would have been SO much better.

Hotel Kew would definitely not be my first choice for a supreme burger experience like this. The beer selection is woeful, at best. Horrible place to drive to and park at. But the burger, it reigns supreme.

Get down here if you can, preferably this weekend. Who knows what the truth of the situation is. I know I wasn’t about to miss out.

One can only hope that these guys open a proper shop, with awesome beer, in a better location (hint: Richmond please). God knows we need a Chur Burger in Melbourne. We can’t possibly have Sydney and Brisbane leading the way.

Don’t worry Mark and Allie, I’ll still come to visit!


2 thoughts on “Chur Burger (Hotel Kew)

  1. Chur burger is amazing non greasy and a great tasting burger & sides . They’ve opened in Sydney airport so this must be a great concept and yes we need a store in Melbourne in 2016! Go chur 👍


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