YOMG – Yo My Goodness


I have to say, it wouldn’t really occur to me that a frozen yoghurt place would have burgers. And believe me, this place has their burger action sorted.

I’ve been happily posting my burger adventures for some time now. Slowly but surely, more and more of my friends express an interest in joining in on the experience. Pete is the latest to submit to the joyous experience of eating a burger whilst listening to the endless analysis; and ultimately whining from my side of the table. Boldly, he added that he wanted to visit somewhere I had not been before. I quickly turned my mind to a recent post on Broadsheet (I think that is where I first saw it?) that made it clear this was a place to visit.

Glen Waverley is a busy place to eat, and this Sunday was no exception. A vibrant strip with so many options, but YOMG was doing a roaring trade. I was annoyed to find their eftpos was out, but that is forgivable. What’s not is the attitude when I asked for the nearest ATM – “No idea mate!” Now, if your eftpos is out, the first question should be: “Where can we send our customers to for money so they can buy our burgers…”

After procuring some cash, my burger rules quickly made my decision for me. I ordered the “Yo My with Cheese,” which is basically a cheeseburger – with lettuce and tomato of course. Given I had just returned from a morning bike ride, I was feeling rather peckish, so I hungrily added some loaded fries to my order. Now this is unusual. Normally, I proudly proclaim that fries ain’t my thing and I’m being healthy[ier] by avoiding them. So glad I made this decision – it must have been providence. OMG (or should I say YOMG?!). These “Shang-Fry” fries were incredible! Pulled pork to die for, with a combination of flavours that just made these chips heaven. They were devoured in no time at all.

The burger was a pleasing experience, with a perfectly cooked patty, nice bun, ample supply of tomato and lettuce, and a good combination of sauces. The tomato sauce was a little overdone, and this dominated the flavour profile. A really solid effort from these guys. Sure to have a wide appeal, with no risks taken. A good (read: average; at the top of the bell curve) burger that comes recommended at a great value price. Perfectly suited to this area, and of course to a chain burger joint like YOMG.

Now Pete is not a big guy, but he bravely ordered “The Kingsway,” a double patty behemoth that is on the larger side of large. Lucky he had his daughter Jess on his lap to help him. I swear that she ate more than he did. Such a privilege to introduce the undeniable pleasure of the burger to the next generation of enthusiasts. And isn’t she a cute little burger lover! Tammy had something with chicken in it (schnitzel of all things…), which doesn’t qualify as a burger, so I avoided too much conversation about that.

Frozen Yoghurt – I was so full at the end, that I couldn’t even think of trying this out. Truth be told, I really didn’t see that many people actually indulging in the namesake dessert. Do they even sell it? I didn’t notice, or care.

IMG_6666          YOMG Menu


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