Homemade Burger


Given that I made this burger myself, it would be poor form to bestow any sort of rating on it. I do feel compelled to share it’s flaws and ingredients though…

Bun: Brioche I bought from Thomas Dux – $2.50 per roll!
Sauce: Homemade Tomato Ketchup – adaptation of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s recipe from his “Meat” cookbook – I make this every year
Mayo: Mixture of American mustard and Real Foods whole egg mayo
Salad: Garden variety tomato and cos lettuce from the supermarket
Pickles: Whole gherkins from the supermarket
Cheese: Mainland Extra Tasty sliced cheese
Beef: Regular beef mince from the supermarket

Room for improvement:
There were a few areas where this burger failed. The patty was overcooked – oh how I have complained when others have committed this cardinal sin! The quality of the meat really needs improvement too. I forgot to toast the bun, which left it with a stale texture, and also a little cold on the palate. Some better cheese would elevate the flavour as well. I would definitely like to try making my own pickles.

Despite it’s failings, I would absolutely put this in my top 5 – oops, I just went and did what I said I wasn’t going to do. This should come as no surprise though. I have sampled plenty of burgers of late, and my version is simply a combination of my favorite things. My opinion was backed up by my friends (guineas pigs?) who shared the experience with me. I hope they were not just being polite!

One thing I do like, is that besides the brioche bun, and my homemade ketchup, all the ingredients are relatively easy to find. In order to improve it further, I will need to look further afield than the local supermarket; and I’ll also need to bring my cooking A game to the BBQ. Bring on MkII…


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