Mick Adams Burger Bar


Mick Adams Burger Bar is further evidence of the spread of burgers to the suburbs. It’s great to see these places opening up all over the place, but they really need to pay attention to getting the burgers right.

From the outside, the place is a little understated. They don’t really shout about what they are doing – which I like. Walking inside, there is a definite burger shop vibe, and generous use of light and dark shades. Very masculine. The kitchen is on display, and everything looks neat and tidy. Check.

They also have an interesting story: the shop is named after Mick Adams who apparently opened Australia’s first milk bar in Sydney. Now what this has to do with a burger shop in Oakleigh is completely beyond me, and there is absolutely no resemblance to a milk bar here. It begs the question. What were they thinking? I guess it’s possible that the original milk bar was nothing like those of my childhood, but still…

As I alluded to above, the burger (the Cheezy Mike) really wasn’t up to par. The bun looked a little anaemic; basically a white roll zhooshed up with some multi-coloured seeds. The patty was under-seasoned, although nicely cooked, and the cheese was not visible from the outside – bigger slice please! The sauces were just plain. Plain mayonnaise on the top, and plain ketchup on the bottom. Boring. The whole thing just looks uninspiring. On a more positive note, the parmesan and truffle fries were a real hit. The fetta chips were quite nice too – thick cut chips with crumbled fetta.

IMG_7109[1] IMG_7108[1]

In fairness, other burgers at my table did look far superior. The veg burger (Lean Green) looked really quite good, as did the Spicy Jorge. Looks like my burger rules cost me here! It should also be noted that I hated the names of the burgers…



Perhaps they do have it right after all. This is a step up from the Grill’d experience, with better beer and more of a burger vibe than the well known chain. My friends made noises like they were happy here. I guess my burger snobbishness, coupled with the rules coloured my experience. In my defense, the reviews online are far from positive and I must reach the same conclusion: this place is a fail.


Mick Adams Burger Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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