Hmm, what’s in a name? Well this one had me thinking. Dribbles? Really?¬†Oh, it’s a basketball theme. Better, but still, really?¬†So I guess all that’s left to wonder is, did this burger make me dribble..?

We arrived on a Sunday for a late lunch, and the place was pumping. So many people, it begged the question, how did the last two places I visited justify the amount of wasted shop square metreage with a truck parked in the dining room? Absolutely no trucks here, and they would be struggling for space if they did want to park a behemoth of any description inside their establishment. It was really great to see a burger joint full to bursting with guys, girls and families – Essendon must be a burger town.

The burger was solid – the “Jordan Royale.” Straight American mustard on the base of the bun was too strong for my tastes, but fits inside the “traditional” mould. Patty was a bit thin, and so suffered the now standard, overcooked problem that has plagued my recent burger adventures. But, a tasty blend of minced beef cuts all the same. Good, full flavoured cheese complimented the meat nicely. A soft bun with plenty of flavour kept everything in check. Overall this burger should be pleasing to anyone who eats here. But it doesn’t fall into the outstanding category by any stretch.


In the end, I left happy, but no dribbling. It was a tired Sunday, and I was craving a burger after a full seven days without my precious meat treat. Demazzi Grill a few doors up promises a more spectacular experience, but that also runs the risk of spectacular failure. Watch this space…

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Truck Stop Deluxe


It was with much expectation that I came all the way west of Melbourne to visit Truck Stop Deluxe. In fact, I was in Woodend riding my mountain bike, and took a 30 minute detour on the way home specifically to check it out. Truck Stop Deluxe was opened recently by the same crew that is behind Dandenong Pavilion and Grand Trailer Park Taverna. Keen readers will remember my fondness for the great work done at Trailer Park, and perhaps my ambivalence towards Dandenong Pavilion, despite their massive reputation and tasty burgers.

This is burger pedigree indeed…

Many of the elements of success that are seen at Trailer Park have been carried over here. They are both proper burger joints, whereas Pavilion is more of a burger novelty stuffed inside a bistro setting, so would not work here. Seems like a recipe for success.


And you can see the vast potential here. There are all the desirable hipster elements, with flanelette and tattoos in abundance. Interested dining room fitout. Strangely, this is the second place in a row that I have reviewed with a truck parked in the front of the shop. This was more Mack truck than old style milk truck though. Really dominated the space.

On to the all important burger – the “Fine and Dandy” – and disappointment abounds. The patty was overcooked; my standard whinge (seriously, how can this be an almost universal issue?). Tasty sauce, with the same mustard mayo recipe carried over from Trailer Park. Other elements were fine, except for the bun. Never before have I had such a strong reaction to any one single part of a burger that I have eaten and reviewed. Never. When I saw the luminescent yellow colour I was worried. Surely no amount of butter could cause this result? Indeed, no. I’m tempted to suggest that liberal amounts of yellow food colouring were employed here. The bun was horrifically bad, tasteless; or if there was some taste it was cardboard. It sat like a lump in my throat, begging for the mercy of a disgustingly sweet, fizzy drink to break it up and wash it down. Alas, I did not have one in hand, as I was eating the burger next to a drooling, tired dog Jack, in my car, on the freeway. Sigh.


Truck Stop Deluxe needs to address this massive issue. It really does.

On a side note I also had some onion rings which were nicely done. No prizes, but a worthy addition to my meal. Certainly made me happier than that burger.

There is potential here. Perhaps the people of Werribee like their burgers this way? But not for me.

PS. My photos are almost as bad as the burger. I had one burger photo in focus with a shadow, and one out of focus without the shadow. Focus wins. Cute dog photo makes up for it though, don’t you think?

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Kustom Burgers


I have eaten a few burgers since my last post, but I decided that there was no point reviewing the same burger joint twice, unless there was some REALLY compelling reason…

I have been wanting to visit Kustom Burgers for a little while now. The shop itself is relatively new, but as per usual, Broadsheet had the #fomo way out of control before they even opened. To walk into the space, I was a little surprised at how small it is. More specifically, why put a massive truck in the middle of the shop taking up so much room? Yeah, the Scalextric track is a nice touch, and a winner with the little and big kids, but so few seats. Not sure Gordon Ramsay would approve.

That said, it was not all that busy at 12:45pm on a Sunday. This is a prime area of Thornbury for dude food, so you know the competition is stiff. And did they deliver? You bet they did.


The patty was the star here. It was cooked perfectly. And I loved the fact I was able to watch this happen. We watched the grill with eager anticipation as this beautiful creation they call the “F150 Kustom Burger” came to life. I spoke to the cook and mentioned that cooking burgers was an artform – he was not convinced. Perhaps I have romantic notions about burgers (?)! I mean, I used to be a chef. Surely if I think it’s an artform… Alas, no doubt if I was in his shoes I would also shrug my shoulders and say: “it’s easy!”

Great cheese and sauce combo here too. Blended perfectly with the copious meat juices that were spilling out from every open space. The only thing that let it down was the bun. You get a choice of two here: “Old School” and brioche (there is also a gluten free option, but really?). The brioche was just not briche-y enough for me. More like a soft white bun. I like to see a brioche big it up with some in your face buttery sweet action to compliment the burger. This bun just did not have it.

I must also confess to devouring an entire serve of turbo chilli fries. Oh my God these were good. Beer-battered fries, homemade chili, sriracha chili sauce, melting cheese and the pièce de résistance: liquid cheese, squirted out of a bottle no less. I swear I took a photo of this beautiful creation, but alas, no. In fact, the photos are sadly lacking from this most wondrous of experiences. Must address this in the future.

My advice: Go here; you will not regret it!

PS. Carwyn Cellars a few doors up has so many craft beers on tap, you will never want to leave!


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Andrews Hamburgers


There is some serious firepower behind the reputation of Andrews Hamburgers in Albert Park. Go inside the shop and you see walls covered in newspaper articles and photos of various Melbourne glitterati. Sports stars, TV personalities and also food reviewers.

I have one word that brilliantly describes this place in a nutshell: NOSTALGIA.


And for me, that is¬†where it starts and ends. Let my whining begin…

Horrible soft white roll, Kraft bulk buy mayo, crappy tomato sauce, raw onion in large supply, and a size that would feed an army, let alone a family of 4. The patty was ok, although overcooked.

They were doing a roaring trade with the office crowd on a Wednesday lunchtime. This is the kind of burger that I would have liked to eat 15 years ago – a¬†tried and true version of the fish and chip shop style that we have all grown up with. It’s not really even done that well, but a reputation can take you a long way. I have moved on; although others clearly haven’t.

I have nothing more to say.

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