Hmm, what’s in a name? Well this one had me thinking. Dribbles? Really? Oh, it’s a basketball theme. Better, but still, really? So I guess all that’s left to wonder is, did this burger make me dribble..?

We arrived on a Sunday for a late lunch, and the place was pumping. So many people, it begged the question, how did the last two places I visited justify the amount of wasted shop square metreage with a truck parked in the dining room? Absolutely no trucks here, and they would be struggling for space if they did want to park a behemoth of any description inside their establishment. It was really great to see a burger joint full to bursting with guys, girls and families – Essendon must be a burger town.

The burger was solid – the “Jordan Royale.” Straight American mustard on the base of the bun was too strong for my tastes, but fits inside the “traditional” mould. Patty was a bit thin, and so suffered the now standard, overcooked problem that has plagued my recent burger adventures. But, a tasty blend of minced beef cuts all the same. Good, full flavoured cheese complimented the meat nicely. A soft bun with plenty of flavour kept everything in check. Overall this burger should be pleasing to anyone who eats here. But it doesn’t fall into the outstanding category by any stretch.


In the end, I left happy, but no dribbling. It was a tired Sunday, and I was craving a burger after a full seven days without my precious meat treat. Demazzi Grill a few doors up promises a more spectacular experience, but that also runs the risk of spectacular failure. Watch this space…

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