Korrzi Burgers


I’m not planning to hold back here… One of the worst burgers I’ve had to date; failed in all areas. I chose the “Rich, Rich” Real Cheese, as according to Korrzi, “Reason why there is no lettuce inside the cheese burgerĀ is to save the taste of cheese and meat.” I decided not to ask them to add salad into the cheeseburger. Apparently the other burgers with lettuce – such as the one I had – do not suffer the same fate??!!

All I could taste in this “thing” was the bun. And the bun was mutton dressed as lamb. Plain Jane white bread tarted up to look pretty with some seeds on the top. So bready, all I had was a ball of dough in my mouth drowning out the rest of the flavours.

The patty was terrible. So chewy and gristly. And flavorless. Salt and pepper people! Looking at a 1.0 star review on Zomato, Korrzi replied that they mince their own beef on site. Perhaps they should leave this to the experts. Either the beef was not cold enough during the mincing, mixing, or patty forming process, or the meat is very poor quality. Either way, it was tough! I’m gonna guess that the fault is with the operator, not the cow.

There was apparently four cheeses on this burger: Swiss, American, Tasty and Mozzarella. I managed to get the taste of the Swiss cheese in one of the bites I took, but the bun stole the show. There was a lot of cheese, so I assume that there was indeed four different cheeses in there. Pointless though, as there was no flavour benefit. Can you say: “Empty calories?!”

I would go on, but who cares. Avoid at all costs. Unless you enjoy disappointment…

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That Burger Joint


Came here in desperate search of a worthy burger in my new area – St Kilda. Now, this is a worthy burger, but as usual, I have a few complaints…

I ordered the “House Burger” which is a plain-ish cheesburger type number. The usual suspects – patty, cheese, bun, lettuce and tomato. All these were really nicely done. The patty was a little overdone, and underseasoned, but tasty all the same. The bun – a Japanese milk bun – was a real treat. Loved every morsel. Suprisingly, I wasn’t left wanting for a brioche bun, although most of the milk buns I have tried in the past have hit the spot.

Unfortunately, the “but” in this instance was the relish. It just dominated everything. So sweet; sickly-sweet. I could not really even taste the mayo sauce, and it literally drowned out eveything except the bread. Just some simple tomato ketchup; even a commercial variety would have been a better accompaniment.

I will return here again. I’m keen to try their other offerings. I got the impression that they really care about what they are doing here. I may have some personal prejudices against some of their ingredient choices, but care is ultimately the one ingredient I value over all others.

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Three Crowns Hotel


Straight off the bat, I need to get it out there. There is so much to love about this burger.Ā Last post, I accused myself of being overly negative. I was desperate to find a burger to love. Three Crowns has helped to satisfy my craving, and for that I am grateful.

There are a few things they are doing differently here, without trying to reinvent the wheel (or burger as is the case here). This is coupled with some familiar touches that give you comfort; make you feelĀ a contentment that reminds you of home.

The brioche here was outstanding. Best bun so far, without a doubt. No ridiculous cutting/chopping of the lettuce. Just a straight up leaf offering a crisp freshness that compliments the experience. The sauces played a supporting role, without trying to upstage the rest of the cast. They had some very finely diced red onion inside their creation, which was a nice touch; original, and unexpected.

Overall a really nice balance of restraint and creativity.

Except… The patty was really bad. On first inspection, there was hope. Nice and thick piece of meat in between all those – yet to be discovered – delicious ingredients. But, on biting into the burger, the patty was dry. Not overcooked, but possibly some breadcrumbs were added to the mix. The flavour just was not there either. Under-seasoned, and perhaps lacking in freshness.

I should avoid getting carried away with my patty disappointment though. Better still, I should point out that my desire to complain about it is driven mainly by the fact I loved this burger, and long for it to live up to it’s true potential. Normally I avoid giving out scores, but we couldn’t help but give this one 8/10. Absolutely a contender. Perhaps on a different day the score would have been higher. I will come back to find out. Soon.

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St Kilda Burger Bar


First things first, I need to admit that it has been almost 2 weeks since I had this burger. Man, December can be a busy time of year! All excuses aside, I would be more excited about reviewing it, if it had in any way impressed me. I feel sad that I keep having to write bad things.

Which leads me to an interesting aside: am I being unrealistic, now that my burger eating adventure is heading into it’s second year? I really don’t think so. I do visit some of my favorites from time to time, and they always impress. I’ve always known that my tastes can be wildly different to others. I do see food in a different light – it’s not just about taste. I dissect it, wondering how it was planned, executed, then fed back into the kitchen for further analysis and adjustment.

These things matter to me.

Whilst my memory of the St Kilda Burger Bar is quickly fading, I do recall that the standard wrong was committed here: overcooked patty. And just a general feeling that there was not much care involved in this process. It makes me wonder how this came about…

IMG_7301[1] IMG_7302[1]

Let’s look at the location. The Grosvenor Hotel is a nice looking pub, right on the Nepean Hwy. We walked into the main bistro area, and were greeted by a glass fridge, with beef aging. Then as we made our way further inside, there were salami’s and other cured meats on display. Clearly this place cares about their food.

Eventually, we discovered the burger bar outside, in the drive-thru bottle shop. Literally, in the drive-through bottle shop! Herein lies the explanation for me. Taking advantage of the burger craze, the owner’s have given up a tiny corner of the hotel for this venture. Perhaps those doomed to work in this tiny corner feel deprived of the love for food that clearly exists inside. Assuming that it does exist?!

I guess I should end this rant with the inevitable. Too much work to be done here to improve enough for me to return and try again. There were so many things wrong here, and to be honest, I can’t be bothered listing them. Bring on more south side burger joints. I need to restore my faith in the burger!

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Big Mouth Burger Co.


Another Friday burger adventure. I have been to Burgerlab3194 so many times with my work mates, that we ventured out to somewhere different to change it up. So Big Mouth came up as an option. There’s been some “heavy-hitter” burger bloggers visit here, but as per usual they seem to focus onĀ the behemoth burgers that are likely to cause instant death at some point. I came here to check out the more standard offerings, and see what they could bring to the table.

My first impression was that they had taken some inspiration from Grill’d for the fitout. Not a bad move I guess. They are a popular burger chain. But given my prejudice against said burger chain, I was worried. Would the burger also copy? They also made mention of “healthy” on the walls; then they have a behemoth burger challenge? Talk about a confusing message!

When it comes to the burger, I am ashamed to say that I was so hungry, I didn’t read the menu correctly, and ordered a cheeseburger without requesting some tomato and lettuce be added. This was a shame. The burgers had something a little unique about them. They were really nicely charred. But without the aforementioned salad ingredients to balance them out, it just left this burger tasting burnt. Now, I freely admit that I could have easily avoided this by ordering according to my rules, but this was an on-menu creation. They should be aware of the implications when they char-it-up.

To be clear, there are some menu options that include salad. However, these belong to a category of strange creations that have beetroot relish, or similar “fancy” ingredients added. Certainly not fit for a burger.Ā I like that they had the courage to give this burger something of an edge with the charred exterior. I just hope that this was intentional. Definitely curious to come back and see if my hunch about the salad ingredients evening things out would be accurate.

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