Big Mouth Burger Co.


Another Friday burger adventure. I have been to Burgerlab3194 so many times with my work mates, that we ventured out to somewhere different to change it up. So Big Mouth came up as an option. There’s been some “heavy-hitter” burger bloggers visit here, but as per usual they seem to focus on the behemoth burgers that are likely to cause instant death at some point. I came here to check out the more standard offerings, and see what they could bring to the table.

My first impression was that they had taken some inspiration from Grill’d for the fitout. Not a bad move I guess. They are a popular burger chain. But given my prejudice against said burger chain, I was worried. Would the burger also copy? They also made mention of “healthy” on the walls; then they have a behemoth burger challenge? Talk about a confusing message!

When it comes to the burger, I am ashamed to say that I was so hungry, I didn’t read the menu correctly, and ordered a cheeseburger without requesting some tomato and lettuce be added. This was a shame. The burgers had something a little unique about them. They were really nicely charred. But without the aforementioned salad ingredients to balance them out, it just left this burger tasting burnt. Now, I freely admit that I could have easily avoided this by ordering according to my rules, but this was an on-menu creation. They should be aware of the implications when they char-it-up.

To be clear, there are some menu options that include salad. However, these belong to a category of strange creations that have beetroot relish, or similar “fancy” ingredients added. Certainly not fit for a burger. I like that they had the courage to give this burger something of an edge with the charred exterior. I just hope that this was intentional. Definitely curious to come back and see if my hunch about the salad ingredients evening things out would be accurate.

Big Mouth Burger Co Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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