St Kilda Burger Bar


First things first, I need to admit that it has been almost 2 weeks since I had this burger. Man, December can be a busy time of year! All excuses aside, I would be more excited about reviewing it, if it had in any way impressed me. I feel sad that I keep having to write bad things.

Which leads me to an interesting aside: am I being unrealistic, now that my burger eating adventure is heading into it’s second year? I really don’t think so. I do visit some of my favorites from time to time, and they always impress. I’ve always known that my tastes can be wildly different to others. I do see food in a different light – it’s not just about taste. I dissect it, wondering how it was planned, executed, then fed back into the kitchen for further analysis and adjustment.

These things matter to me.

Whilst my memory of the St Kilda Burger Bar is quickly fading, I do recall that the standard wrong was committed here: overcooked patty. And just a general feeling that there was not much care involved in this process. It makes me wonder how this came about…

IMG_7301[1] IMG_7302[1]

Let’s look at the location. The Grosvenor Hotel is a nice looking pub, right on the Nepean Hwy. We walked into the main bistro area, and were greeted by a glass fridge, with beef aging. Then as we made our way further inside, there were salami’s and other cured meats on display. Clearly this place cares about their food.

Eventually, we discovered the burger bar outside, in the drive-thru bottle shop. Literally, in the drive-through bottle shop! Herein lies the explanation for me. Taking advantage of the burger craze, the owner’s have given up a tiny corner of the hotel for this venture. Perhaps those doomed to work in this tiny corner feel deprived of the love for food that clearly exists inside. Assuming that it does exist?!

I guess I should end this rant with the inevitable. Too much work to be done here to improve enough for me to return and try again. There were so many things wrong here, and to be honest, I can’t be bothered listing them. Bring on more south side burger joints. I need to restore my faith in the burger!

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