Three Crowns Hotel


Straight off the bat, I need to get it out there. There is so much to love about this burger. Last post, I accused myself of being overly negative. I was desperate to find a burger to love. Three Crowns has helped to satisfy my craving, and for that I am grateful.

There are a few things they are doing differently here, without trying to reinvent the wheel (or burger as is the case here). This is coupled with some familiar touches that give you comfort; make you feel a contentment that reminds you of home.

The brioche here was outstanding. Best bun so far, without a doubt. No ridiculous cutting/chopping of the lettuce. Just a straight up leaf offering a crisp freshness that compliments the experience. The sauces played a supporting role, without trying to upstage the rest of the cast. They had some very finely diced red onion inside their creation, which was a nice touch; original, and unexpected.

Overall a really nice balance of restraint and creativity.

Except… The patty was really bad. On first inspection, there was hope. Nice and thick piece of meat in between all those – yet to be discovered – delicious ingredients. But, on biting into the burger, the patty was dry. Not overcooked, but possibly some breadcrumbs were added to the mix. The flavour just was not there either. Under-seasoned, and perhaps lacking in freshness.

I should avoid getting carried away with my patty disappointment though. Better still, I should point out that my desire to complain about it is driven mainly by the fact I loved this burger, and long for it to live up to it’s true potential. Normally I avoid giving out scores, but we couldn’t help but give this one 8/10. Absolutely a contender. Perhaps on a different day the score would have been higher. I will come back to find out. Soon.

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