That Burger Joint


Came here in desperate search of a worthy burger in my new area – St Kilda. Now, this is a worthy burger, but as usual, I have a few complaints…

I ordered the “House Burger” which is a plain-ish cheesburger type number. The usual suspects – patty, cheese, bun, lettuce and tomato. All these were really nicely done. The patty was a little overdone, and underseasoned, but tasty all the same. The bun – a Japanese milk bun – was a real treat. Loved every morsel. Suprisingly, I wasn’t left wanting for a brioche bun, although most of the milk buns I have tried in the past have hit the spot.

Unfortunately, the “but” in this instance was the relish. It just dominated everything. So sweet; sickly-sweet. I could not really even taste the mayo sauce, and it literally drowned out eveything except the bread. Just some simple tomato ketchup; even a commercial variety would have been a better accompaniment.

I will return here again. I’m keen to try their other offerings. I got the impression that they really care about what they are doing here. I may have some personal prejudices against some of their ingredient choices, but care is ultimately the one ingredient I value over all others.

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