Korrzi Burgers


I’m not planning to hold back here… One of the worst burgers I’ve had to date; failed in all areas. I chose the “Rich, Rich” Real Cheese, as according to Korrzi, “Reason why there is no lettuce inside the cheese burger is to save the taste of cheese and meat.” I decided not to ask them to add salad into the cheeseburger. Apparently the other burgers with lettuce – such as the one I had – do not suffer the same fate??!!

All I could taste in this “thing” was the bun. And the bun was mutton dressed as lamb. Plain Jane white bread tarted up to look pretty with some seeds on the top. So bready, all I had was a ball of dough in my mouth drowning out the rest of the flavours.

The patty was terrible. So chewy and gristly. And flavorless. Salt and pepper people! Looking at a 1.0 star review on Zomato, Korrzi replied that they mince their own beef on site. Perhaps they should leave this to the experts. Either the beef was not cold enough during the mincing, mixing, or patty forming process, or the meat is very poor quality. Either way, it was tough! I’m gonna guess that the fault is with the operator, not the cow.

There was apparently four cheeses on this burger: Swiss, American, Tasty and Mozzarella. I managed to get the taste of the Swiss cheese in one of the bites I took, but the bun stole the show. There was a lot of cheese, so I assume that there was indeed four different cheeses in there. Pointless though, as there was no flavour benefit. Can you say: “Empty calories?!”

I would go on, but who cares. Avoid at all costs. Unless you enjoy disappointment…

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