FAT Fried and Tasty


I just want to put this here with a few words. Yes, this is not burgers. It’s 2016, and it’s time to expand my horizons. Fried chicken seems like a good place to start. There are so many possibilities. New rules to formulate; not to mention a whole new world of eateries to visit. Burgers won’t be going away, but this is a positive step for me.

So, I have been coveting the fried chicken thing for some time now. I’ve been following the trend and waiting for the opportunity to check it out. I compiled my list of places to visit, and FAT Fried and Tasty was always near the top. (It should be noted that the beer selection was terrible and major points off for this aberration).

So much excitement, with no idea what to order. I could very easily have decided to play it safe and get a burger (sandwich to be exact). Instead, I’ve jumped straight in the deep end and gone with “Chicken Waffles,” which is a delightful blend of fried chicken, waffle, vanilla ice-cream and maple syrup.

Based on the reactions from most I have shown it to, this is coming across as some kind of freak show! Now, granted, this probably isn’t the kind of combination that would occur to the majority of Australians. But this is considered normal in the good old US of A.

Every bit as good as pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, the mix of sweet and savoury here is divine. The chicken was crispy, steaming hot, and delicious to eat. Perhaps the only thing missing is some added zing. My next fried chicken outing is sure to involve a little bit of sweating, with most places offering varying levels of heat. Can’t wait!

F.A.T Fried and Tasty Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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