Burger Business


I saw a review of this new Footscray burger joint from Burgers of Melbourne, and was motivated to get down there quick smart. It has been 2 weeks since my last burger, and the withdrawals were strong. I was excited all day about this one. Simply couldn’t wait for this burger to pass my lips.

My excitement was short lived however. The menu left me a little disappointed. Given my rule of sticking to a simple cheeseburger on my first visit, I was hoping for some loaded fries, or perhaps onion rings to fill out my order – I was quite hungry! Alas, only chips on offer. There were two burgers on the menu that were close to what I wanted. One was the cheeseburger, but came sans salad. The other was the beef burger, but it was advertised with herb mayo, and other such strange concoctions.


I generally hate to alter the menu, and genuinely feel bad about asking. But, on this occasion I felt I needed exactly what I was after – a simple cheeseburger with salad. So, after adding lettuce, tomato and red onion to my order, I was left bemused that they were charged at a premium of $1 for each addition. $9.90 became $12.90. WOW! Expensive.

As for the burger, it was uninspiring; and unable to make up for the expensive ordering process. Overcooked patty, lacking in flavour – salt people! The bun was a sweet number; perhaps a milk bun? Too soft and doughy in the end for me. The rest was middle of the road. Not a bad effort, but a lot of room for improvement none the less.

Given they have only been open 3 weeks, I hope that they will continue to improve. If I was to make my way west side again for some burger action, I would be making my way directly to 8bit. Their burger game is strong. Streets ahead of Burger Business.

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