Gami Fried Chicken


Another in my fried chicken series, and I think I’m already finding my feet in this new genre of casual dining. Was recommended to Gami by a friend, and they were absolutely correct. Delicious chicken here.

I came on a dreary, rain-soaked Friday lunchtime. The place was completely empty. Whilst I was a little concerned at this, I sat myself down and pretended not to be lonely. There is a distinctly Asian feel about the fit-out, with a dash of fast-food/KFC in the mix to make you feel at home. As with all good gourmet fast-food joints, they took it to the next level with the menu. More specifically, they included beer…

They have a few of their own-brand beers on tap, which makes for a refreshing change. I chose the pale ale, which was fairly one-dimensional in flavour, but complemented my fried chicken nicely. Crisp and cold is the order of the day here.

Getting back to the chicken, it was quite delicious. Fried perfectly, with a crispy crust that was soaked in an Asian-style hot chili sauce that was at first very satisfying, but towards the end became a bit cloying and sickly. With the addition of some fresh lime juice, I think the sauce would be divine, and a better balanced accompaniment. Alternatively, larger size pieces of chicken would have seen less surface area for the sauce to dominate. Perhaps it was not their intention for one man to eat a half a chicken coated thickly in this sauce, but the pickled daikon and coleslaw that accompanied it struggled to deal with this sticky condiment.

It’s early days in my fried chicken adventures, and so I have little to compare this against. Having said that, if this is a sign of things to come, I am excited for the future. Asian fried chicken is definitely a winner. Now to find the perfect USA version…

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