Ziggy’s comes with some serious street cred. They have been around for a long time in burger terms, and clearly have a loyal following of burger lovers in the Balaclava area. Right off the bat, I need to explain that coming here was a last minute decision, and I went with the takeaway option, which could have affected the quality of the burger. But, I was just underwhelmed… completely!

Saturday is not the best night to go for a burger, nor Friday. And this Saturday was a busy one at Ziggy’s. The kitchen was very efficient, and my burger came nicely packaged in about 15 minutes, smelling delicious. But, to backtrack a little, the choice of burger was a difficult one.

Nothing really took my fancy. A confusing menu for me. I loves me a burger with bun, patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and then the venue can go to town with whatever sauces take their fancy. For me this makes a proper cheeseburger, and it’s a combination which I expect to see on every burger joint’s menu. Sadly, I must be in the minority on this, as more and more places I visit do not cater for this. (I also like to order only from the menu – no additions). The choosing could be made easier here me thinks.


Unfortunately, the trip home in the car was a long one. Perhaps this affected the quality of the experience in some aspects of its failings. The patty was overcooked, and the flavour was just not there. Worse still, it came nowhere near reaching to the edges of the bun. This leaves an overly bready experience. It’s a nice bun, but the patty/bread ratio is just all wrong. Too much dough! Mayo sauce was ok. Really enjoyed the red onion in the burger, despite the lack of lettuce. Bacon; yes you can never go wrong with bacon. This bacon was executed beautifully. Did I mention bacon? Bacon, bacon, bacon…

On a much more positive note, the onion rings I ordered to round out this “meal” were amazing. Despite the long ride home in the car, they were crispy and delicious. Normally I would insist on a condiment to match, but no need here. Just good.

I’m a little lost for how I should sum this up. Perhaps they deserve the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps I should go back and eat fresh? I’m not sure though…


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