Motorhome Majestic


There are so many new burger places in Melbourne right now! It’s really starting to get a bit overwhelming. We were having a discussion in the car on the way to Motorhome Majestic, saying that a weeks holiday may be in order, just to stay on top of all the new burger joints I WANT to go to.

This place is another in the seemingly endless procession of burger shops being opened by this group. It all started with Dandenong Pavilion, moved to the city with Grand Trailer Park Taverna, out to Werribee for Truck Stop Deluxe and now to Ascot Vale with Motorhome Majestic. Keen readers will be aware of my general fondness for their style, although I fear I am beginning to tire of it somewhat.


Being the first week in operation, they clearly have a very slick operation going already. No signs of the usual teething issues that can befall a new restaurant opening. These guys absolutely have their proverbial together when it comes to opening a fresh outlet. And to complain about what you get here would be an exercise in being particularly picky, I must say! But you know it’s coming…

My main gripe is that there is nothing fresh here. It’s a tried and true formula that had proven itself so far with success at their other venues. But I’m the type of guy that is always looking for something new. And it ain’t here.


The burger I ordered – as per my rules – was the “Fine & Dandy” which is a fine specimen. Thank God they cooked this thing right, cause I am seriously close to losing it if burger “specialists” keep serving me overcooked hockey-puck tough patties. The taste of a nice pink patty makes my heart sing. It really is that good. On the downside the bacon I added had little flavour and mustard was overused on this particular burger. The bun is solid – in a great way. Can’t fault it, but wouldn’t rave about it either.

I must confess that of the large platter of food you see in the photo, the burger was consumed last. Further, I may have added too much Tobasco sauce in the process of eating the onion rings and fried chicken. This definitely had an affect on my tastebuds, accentuating the mustard taste on my burger.

Woe is me who glosses over the onion rings and fried chicken. Simply delicious. Those onion rings were crunchy as you like them, and the chicken was definitely tasty, although perhaps could have benefitted from a second coating of flour.

My negativity should never discourage someone from visiting Motorhome Majestic. These guys are pro’s; no doubt about it.

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