This is not my first trip to Humburger. It’s been a little over a year, and a lot of burgers have gone under the bridge since my very first burger post. There have been some burger rules formulated; some opinions formed; favorites shone through; and some losers disgraced themselves. My writing has also expanded beyond a few short sentences on Facebook, to whole blog posts on my own “fancy” website.

It was business – not nostalgia – that brought me back here. I was in the Hawthorn area, and the choice was simple. Over a year has passed, and many, many burgers have been consumed. Best get back down to Humburger and see if my original assessment can stand the test of time. I was impressed the first time around, and this visit backed up that positive review.

This time the burger rules would be adhered to. Although, this leads me perfectly to my first whinge. Whilst they have tried to be a little different here, they are sadly lacking my perfect “basic” burger. Patty, cheese, pickle, lettuce, tomato, condiments and bun. No matter, I constructed one myself from their version of the basic – The Hum. I’ve said this before – it’s a bit rich charging $1 a piece to add tomato and lettuce, but I don’t regret doing so. I also snuck some bacon in there, just cos. Yum.

This burger really wowed me. The patty was slightly overdone, but not so much that it was a lost cause. Still nice and creamy, with lashings of grill flavour to back it up. Good condiments, with an emphasis on the tomato ketchup – a worthy style choice. The bun was a good one, with some sweet buttery flavour and a soft texture that still managed to hold the burger together nicely. A solid effort all round.

Unfortunately, there are always issues. The service was pretty poor. Interestingly, there was a guy ordering before us, and he kept repeatedly asking for a “burger with the lot.” He clearly hadn’t read the menu, and the guy taking the order did a really poor job of explaining that it was not a fish and chip shop. No suggestion for what he might order instead. No explanation of what the place was about. Just a simple “we only have what’s up there.” The guy was understandably annoyed, although still a bit of an idiot for not bothering to check the menu. Our turn came to order, and it was a frustrating experience. Finally got the order down, and they are cash only – no sign anywhere that I saw? Cash machine in the corner. No worries. Where’s the drinks? You gave our group half the drinks, but not all of them. There was a gruff exchange with the girl that just started her shift. Drinks were procured from the fridge.

These are small things, but add to how welcome you feel in a burger joint. Service is what is supposed to set this kind of place apart. I don’t expect silver service with white cloths, and the whole nine yards. Just some courtesy and hospitality. A friendly disposition.

Humburger have managed to satisfy – quite nicely I might add – the first requirement of a good burger joint: the burger. Pity they forgot about the service aspect. But it’s not enough for me to say “stay away.” This is a worthy burger.

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