Royal Mail Hotel on Spencer


You could be forgiven for asking yourself: what the hell is going on at this place? They have a burger night on Thursday only. They offer a 300gm dry aged patty, amongst some other delicious ingredients, in a pretty good burger, for only $10. It’s been rated by some popular blogs, and yet the place was empty. Dead empty. Some locals were there. A couple of people came and went in a hurry after scoffing the burger.

Therein lies the answer… Or, several answers in fact. Walk inside, and there is no hint of a burger night. No sign, nothing written on the board. I had to go to the bar and ask! Nothing on the website either. And only some vague mentions on their Facebook page. The place was empty at 7pm, which is always a major concern when I walk into a place. It is “just a pub,” and it could perhaps be a surprise that they might have a good burger offering, but just have a go at selling the bloody thing. Sign on the board? Blackboard out the front. Just something!

So, on to the burger. Wow, this thing is massive. On paper it looks good. 300gm dry aged beef patty, cheese sauce, bacon, onion ring inside the brioche bun, all with some fresh salad and quality pickles to top it off. Sounds to me like a recipe for success.

Unfortunately, whilst delicious, it just didn’t quite hit the mark for me. The bun was a little dry; like it had been left under a really low grill for ages. Or worse still, pre-cut and left on the bench in a warm kitchen. The combination of flavours was good, but the burger is just too big. And a patty that size needs to be perfect not to ruin the burger. There is a reason that you never see a patty this big. It just doesn’t work. This one was dry-ish and overcooked. The juices came pouring out when you took the first tentative bite, but there were none left inside the burger. Just dry. If this is an advertisement for dry-aged beef, I ain’t buying it!

Given that they had a couple of decent craft beer options on tap, I gotta say that this pub isn’t too bad. They have a “roadkill” night on Wednesday’s, which would be interesting to see. Although, I do worry about how quiet they were on their burger night! For $10, you really can’t complain. But that right there is a sad indictment of a burger that could have been.

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