The Assembly


The hankering for a burger hit hard at lunchtime today. There are a number of go-to places in the near vicinity of my work, but I really wanted to go somewhere new. This can lead to something good… or not so good.

In this instance, I would have to say that my desperation to go somewhere new overtook my common sense and led me down a garden path to The Assembly. First impressions were of a hipster inspired burger place. No name on the sign out the front. It just said: “Burgers and Parmas.” Perhaps a step forward for Clayton, but could they back it up with a decent burger?

It really does annoy me, that someone would open up a burger place, and not know how to make a decent burger! To not even take the time to even come close to something worthy of the title is unforgivable. Yes, there was a patty, and a bun. But seriously; wrong on so many levels. The bun was just plain uninteresting. No big deal. Seen this before. The patty, whilst tasting “ok” was falling apart with every mouthful. I had to eat fast just to keep it sort of within the confines of the bun. Just cause you also sell Parma’s, doesn’t mean you can get away with putting mozzarella cheese on a burger. Wrong. And avocado. No. Lucky they seem to have forgotten to put the advertised tomato relish on the burger, or I might have had something else to complain about.

The only saving grace was that my burger looked better than the grilled chicken burger my workmate had. The Assembly is really just taking the piss by calling these burgers. Shame. Oh, and no coffee on offer at lunchtime – the agony. The lesson to learn here, is for me to trust my intuition and only go where I think good burgers are made. This was just a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Assembly Food & Drink Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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