Changz Canteen


Changz Canteen has strong game in the presentation department. There is no doubt what these guys are about once you walk inside and view the spread. Lots of wood… check. Bearded man… check. Beer in tins… check. Fried chicken… check. Burgers and fries… check. Apparently this place was opened as a result of their hot sauce becoming almost ubiquitous in burger joints across Melbourne. Why not get in on the action?

There is a lot to like here. The vibe was on point. There is no “what would you like?” at Changz. They prefer”wot u feel?” The menu has everything that is gonna keep me happy. Burgers, fried chicken, fries, beer. There are of course other choices, but who cares really?

I was “feelin” a burger of course. But first, why not a little fried chicken to get things going? Yes please! Crispy and delicious, with a fresh flavour coming from the aioli. Just a hint of citrus that made my mouth water. Oh, I was sure the burger was going to be good based on this.


Looks like they prefer to keep it simple here, with only a few menu choices. Just the way I like it. I went with the cheeseburger, and added tomato and lettuce in line with standard practice; the rules. The bun was oh so good. Perfectly soft, and probably a match made in heaven with this cheeseburger. I say probably, because after finishing this I decided  I’d made a big mistake adding salad. This burger was never designed to have salad in it. Although the fault is not entirely mine. The lettuce was cut – big mistake. And there was just too much of it. In the end, there was no single taste that stood up, smacked me in the face and said: “damn, if this ain’t the best burger I ever ate!”

Ultimately, I probably should have taken their sauce and poured it inside the burger. That may have been the kick that it needed. However, another rule says after you pick it up, never put the burger back down. So no go there. The cheeky lunchtime beer of choice was a French lager. Nice compliment to a burger, and at $5 for a tin, perfectly priced. I will come here again and let the menu do the talking.

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