Burger Burger (Auckland)


Work trip to Auckland? Yes, I think I need to hunt down some of the best burgers available. Burger Burger is regularly mentioned online as one of the finest in Auckland. My first night here, I decided to visit the Newmarket venue. All I can say is wow! The venue is on point. Loved the way they decorated the place. Tells the story perfectly: “WE SELL GOOD BURGERS HERE!” Consequently, my last day here I went to their Ponsonby store to sample more of their wares. Unfortunately, that venue and food was not as good. Nowhere near as good.

Back to Newmarket, fast efficient service brought a smile to my dial. The menu was no fuss, but there was plenty there to have me interested. Of course, I went for a beef burger (for the record the others on the menu are “sandwiches,” not burgers!) and added a few other items for the sake of research… and gluttony.

The fried chicken arrived first. Oh my god, it is that good. Crispy and crunchy pieces of thigh meat – off the bone – that were doused with cumin and had aioli on the side. Taking into account that I loved this chicken, I have two complaints: the cumin became overpowering towards the end, and not enough aioli. Despite this, I highly recommend it.


The burger arrived next, along with the broccoli side dish. I ordered the broccoli because I had heard it specifically mentioned in an online review. If there is love for broccoli in an “Auckland’s 10 best burgers” post, then I gotta try it. They were not wrong. Heady hit of garlic, lots of almonds and a char on the broccoli that really complemented the sweetness of the vegetable. Very nice veg side dish.


The burger was a pretty good effort, but lacked in a few key areas. There was just not enough going on in here to be a great burger. The meat flavour dominated. Some may say this is a good thing. But it was a little too much. The pickles and mayo were trapped in the centre of the bun, and didn’t make their presence known to me until half way through. The tomato relish had a great flavour, but it struggled to counter my impression that this whole burger was a little dry. This was the fault of the bun. Tasty, but dry. This burger needed something more.

After visiting a few different burger places in Auckland, I am impressed how the best bits of hipster (burgers and beers) have really taken off here, but without any of the cliche beards, tattoos, etc. Burger Burger has a good vibe. Or should I say Burger Burger Newmarket has a good vibe. Skip the Ponsonby store, it’s just nowhere near as good.

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