Wonky Trolley


Some considerable time has passed since my last burger, and I felt it was right to “come back” in the best way possible. Ok, so a couple of weeks is not the longest hiatus from burgers one can imagine, but you can feel I’m building a layer of excuses here, ready for something big!

I broke all the rules on my trip to Wonky Trolley. Keen observers will have already picked this from the photo. It’s staring you in the face. That double hit of cheese, barely covering up the 2 beef patties sandwiched between the bun.

Normally I would stick to my simple cheeseburger, single patty, with salad rule on a trip to a new burger joint. But a few recent fails have made me question that rule. Perhaps a review of the rules are in order. My Changz Canteen experience was ruined by the rules. That burger was never designed with salad inside. And, I get that it was all my fault. So now, perhaps this is the dawn of a new paradigm in burger selection. Enter the “3051” at Wonky Trolley…

Whilst I may not be able to make a direct comparison with most of my other burger experiences, I do feel justified in my choice, as this was an exceptional burger. The meat was a standout here. No surprise really, as there was twice as much of it. But these guys nailed the beef flavour I am looking for. Some nice caramelised flavours from the grill on the outside, with a creamy, pink centre. The cheese was in plentiful supply, but complemented, rather than overpowering the meat. Another nice complement was the condiment. The mayo sauce had a subtle spiciness that crept in after the meaty hit subsided. The bun was just a passenger on this ride. A vehicle for the meaty goodness. And I don’t mind that at all.

From recent evidence, North Melbourne has strong burger game. Three Crowns Hotel nailed it a few months back, and now this. Wonder if there are any more great burger places in this fine suburb..?

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