Mum’s Burger Kitchen


I’d seen Mum’s Burger Kitchen quite a few times in the short space of time since it’s opening. It is nestled in a small shopping complex in Boronia, right near Dan Murphy’s. Based on the name and the area, I’d decided that this probably wasn’t somewhere I would be rushing to visit. Oh how wrong I was!

There has been some social media love going round for this new burger joint all the way out in outer east suburbia. The location may be a little confusing, but the burgers are not. I think the presentation says a lot about how much care goes in to the preparation of the burger, and this place makes a pretty picture on that wooden board.


Based on the reviews I had seen, the “Pamela” seemed to be the way to go. Yes, there are two patties on board, but it didn’t look that big in the photos. Oh, how wrong I was. This is one massive burger!

The taste is amazing; let’s get that sorted from the get-go. Good ingredients make for a great experience. I’ve no doubt that the effort that goes into the presentation is equally matched by the effort to source and prepare the vital elements of the burgers. The brioche was soft, buttery, a little sweet, and delicious. It somehow managed to hold those plentiful ingredients in check. Maple bacon is a must to add to your burger. Do not go to Mum’s without adding the maple bacon. Divine.

Patties are monsters. Two is overkill. It was really difficult to keep them contained. The whole burger is way bigger than the opening in the front of my face, so attacking this beast was a challenge. Adding to the challenge was the crumbly texture of the patty. Highlights the care that must be taken in preparing these patties. Clearly little or no egg to hold them together. No fillers. Just meat and seasoning. Burgers done the right way. Perhaps a little more kneading work to help the proteins bind the mix would have held them together better, but I like the way they are thinking here.


After scoffing the lot, I realised that perhaps the “Bob” with it’s single patty was more my speed. Not that I was disappointed with the Pamela. Just it was so big! Boronia, you have upped your burger game immeasurably. Let’s hope that the locals support this new business so I can keep coming back for more.

Mum's Burger Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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