Mocha Jo’s Burger Bar


Well this was a bit of a disappointment, I have to say. Glen Waverley has a couple of decent burger options available. In order to compete, this new hole-in-the-wall burger joint would need to be on point. Unfortunately everything about this burger was average, or below.

The real disappointment came from the patty. After spruiking the 600 day grain fed Wagyu used in it’s preparation, that meat better sing. It fell so far short of the mark, I would go so far as to say that it had an unpleasant taste. I expect a level of creaminess from the fatty Wagyu meat. But, this patty had nothing. Slightly tough, slightly dry, and a horrible taste. The aftertaste made things worse. There was perhaps a little too much pepper and salt in the mix. And this is coming from a guy who tends to over season food. The salt police would be gagging, let me tell you.

The other elements did not shine. Not one bit. The bun had a nice sheen to it, but it was too soft and offered nothing to the flavour profile. The bacon was cheap, and the “MJ’s” sauce sparse. If you want to name a sauce after your burger joint, then use the stuff, please! Can’t comment on the taste of the sauce, because there was so little of it, but this could have saved the burger, taming the meat and rounding out the flavour. I’m really not sure though. Think there was something fundamentally wrong with the patty.

Salad and cheese were meh, and really don’t warrant a mention at all. So sad that there is nothing here. Please go 100 metres down the road and get your burger fix at YOMG. You will not be missing anything at all.

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