Royal Stacks


This place has got the vibe. The setup is pretty simple, but in a good way. It doesn’t try too hard to be something it’s not. Simply screams burgers; fast food. I like it.

It was always going to be hard for Royal Stacks win my favour. I came here directly from a visit to The Burger Project, where I was blown away by the quality of the beef. A hard act to follow. But, just like a quiet achiever; a plucky underdog, they won my heart. Now, I’m not going to suggest these 2 places are in the same league. They should not even be compared.

Royal Stacks is a very good attempt at creating a classic burger joint. There are some things in here that will be very familiar to those that grew up with fast food – that being everyone! A sparse, simple interior, perfect for a quick bite burger experience. Efficient service. Soft drink dispensers in the dining room, for an all you can drink sugar death. Burgers on trays.

A simple, small burger was called for here (second burger for lunch after all). And this seems to be the forte here. No frills. No fuss. A simple cheeseburger that has been carefully thought out, and executed brilliantly. Nothing stood out as the best ingredient. They all worked together in harmony to create a very satisfying experience.

There is nothing fancy here. It’s almost like they created this place as a way to take a swipe at McDonalds. To laugh directly in their face and say: “this is what you could have done if you were smart.” I would not say that Royal Stacks is a burger destination. However, if I was craving a burger after a night of one too many brews, I would go out of my way to get myself here and savour the perfect late night guilty pleasure.

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