Cafe 51


I had been wanting to visit Cafe 51 in South Melbourne for some time now. However, their daytime only hours prevented this from happening. There has been quite a buzz on social media about what they were doing. Initially I was sceptical, as they seemed to be from the “bigger is better” burger challenge mould. But, curiosity made we wonder… more and more.

South Melbourne is not a long way for me, but it was a happy day when I learned they were opening in St Kilda, just a short walk away. Not only that, but they would be open nights! That was it. “Get in early,” I said. So it was, that in the first week, I found myself burgering at Cafe 51.

The fitout is clean, but minimal. No fuss here. Burgers are the game. Pity the fact there is no coffee or booze, but there is a massive selection of burgers on offer. After careful consideration, I choose the “Dirty Bastard.” Seemed like the perfect reward for the 14km run I had just completed.

This is a straight up value proposition. For $12, I reckon you would struggle to beat it. They are bringing massive calories to the masses; at affordable prices. That said, the quality does suffer. There is nothing special to note about the burger (other than the size and value). The soft, white bun struggled to contain the rivers of grease and juices pouring out of the 2 large patties. A nice package, but lacking in finesse and attention to detail.

Despite my misgivings, there is no doubt that this place is set up to put the “dude” in dude food. The crowd was loving the over the top creations. Not my thing, but who am I to judge. Finally, a halfway decent burger place in St Kilda!

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