Miss Moonshine’s – Auckland


Miss Moonshine’s is tucked down an alley in the ever trendy, hipster area of Auckland; Ponsonby. It seems that eating early is not the done thing in this area. A massive restaurant greeted me, with so many empty tables I thought that perhaps there was something I was missing. I sat down on my lonesome – second night of my business trip – and began to enjoy the absolute pinnacle of attentive service.

The menu here features some of my favorite flavours – smoked low and slow. If they were even halfway good, I knew I would be in for a good time. I settled in for a full belly, wanting to try as much as possible.


Starting with the popcorn fried chicken, I was hit with a little spice. Interestingly, this version of popcorn chicken actually had popcorn in it. Go figure. The dish was a little greasy, especially for a starter, but the spices and dipping sauce made for a pleasurable start to the meal, all washed down with some amazing NZ craft beer. (Seriously, the beer in NZ is nothing short of spectacular!)

The main event was a beef short rib, cooked and smoked to perfection. I love that they used a particular NZ wood for the smoking – “Pohutukawa.” The wood distinction wasn’t really obvious in the flavour profile, but a nice touch all the same. This thing melted on the plate, let alone in my mouth. So rich that it was a massive effort to get this down the hatch. I could barely touch the sides I ordered which were curly fries and some apple slaw. The sides were nice, but didn’t come close to the magnificence of the rib, so I opted to leave most of them behind, lest I pass out from overeating.

Towards the end of my meal, I noticed the restaurant starting to fill, as the punters came rolling in. Nothing to worry about here. And, rightly so. The food here is a dream for lovers of low’n’slow barbecue. Definitely a worthy player in the popular Ponsonby market.

Miss Moonshine's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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