Little Tommy Tucker


Little Tommy Tucker has all the things that are expected from a modern Melbourne cafe. Single origin coffee, stark white walls, black grout in between the tiles, furniture made from plywood, and staff adorned in hardware store-style aprons.

Cliche aside, the coffee here was altogether not bad. Certainly a reason to come here, but the burger was the main draw for me. I had heard about this place a while back, and it is almost acceptable as a lunch venue, in terms of distance from work.

The burger was a bit of a let down, I have to say. Difficult to eat, with a bun that struggled to hold a too-thick, overcooked patty inside. Relish was a mistake as a condiment inside, and it was hardly necessary to compulsorily include kipfler potato wedges as a mandatory side, pushing the price of this plate to $19. As is my way, I added the bacon, which was an additional $3.

This burger is definitely not worth the money, or the trip to Little Tommy Tucker. The photos I saw on Instagram showed something worthy of our visit. The actual burger was a let down, visually as well as in taste. I wish I could comment on the rest of the food. It all looked very good coming out of the kitchen. It is likely this added to my high expectations. The whole table ordered the burger, so no idea whether the non-burger food items were any good.

Little Tommy Tucker Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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