Meet Patty


Recently opened in the near vicinity of my work, Friday lunch beckoned. There is actually two relatively new burger places open in the area (the other will be reviewed in the not too distant future), but Meet Patty won the day based on the menu which focused on good ingredients, with minimal intervention.

Walking inside there is no confusion. This is a burger place that follows every part of the formula. This is the ‘burbs, and so no surprise they are bringing everything we have come to expect from the pioneers in inner Melbs.


The menu is simple. No towering 27 patty challenges. Single patty, double patty, spicy, chicken, veg; they are all there. Shakes and fries; there too. Pity the lack of alcohol, but at lunchtime on a Friday no loss – coffee would be nice though.

I ordered the Patty’s Signature which follows my rules to a T. Patty with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and condiments on a soft brioche-style bun. Well this is apparently a fusion of brioche and milk-bun so as not to be too sweet. All the same, a damn fine bun if you ask me. The condiments were tomato sauce and mustard. Classic and done well. McClures pickles; yes, yes and yes!

If I ever sat around wondering what my ideal burger would look like, this is pretty much it. Note that I didn’t use the word perfect. There is always room for something better. Perfection is unattainable. But this offering from Meet Patty warmed my heart, and I thank them for that!

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Wanting to venture beyond the limits of the good food desert that is Sydney Olympic Park, but having walking as the only form of transport available, I found myself in Newington. There seems to be an abundance of Asian restaurants here. One of these stood out as my kind of place: Mokoji.

There is an air of something outside the norm here. Craft beer was certainly a drawcard, and the food looked interesting enough. As I was by myself, the choice was quite restricted. Barbecue is the specialty here, and this came with two major impediments. First, many of the dishes required more than one person at the table to order. Second, the barbecue options that were open to a single diner were so large, that I would need a couple of others to help me finish them anyway.


In the end I opted for a couple of the small sharing dishes, as I was not that hungry anyway. First was the fried squid tentacles. They came crumbed, and topped with a nice mayonnaise-style sauce that had a little kick to it. Disappointingly, the squid was overcooked and tough. But the flavour was at least good.

Next came the smoked pork belly. There was plenty of smoke flavour on the pork, and it was almost cooked properly. There was a firm bite and it had either been overcooked, or subjected to too much heat. Nonetheless a tasty dish. The sauce was a little too creamy, and it was a bit cloy and very rich. Perhaps a little less cream would be an improvement.

Service was attentive, but slightly unprofessional. Great to see some craft beers on the menu, and it was a damn sight better than any of the offerings near my hotel at Sydney Olympic Park. I didn’t get to try their specialty, so perhaps it is unfair to judge. It seems unlikely though, that I would be back to give them another chance.

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The Brewery


When work sends you to Sydney, and puts you up in a hotel in the middle of nowhere, there is some cause for complaint. Sydney Olympic Park is one such place. Although relatively close to Sydney, it is a desert in terms of good food.

Faced with great hunger, and a pub directly beneath my hotel, I ventured into “The Brewery” to find beer and food. First off, the brewery only serves beer from the world’s largest of brewhouses. The only thing in common with a brewery and “The Brewery” is there is beer here. Certainly no brewing taking place.

A small menu led me to make a poor choice. The beef burger. They have caught onto the burger craze in some way shape or form, as they proudly boasted the inclusion of a brioche bun. Actually the bun was one of the least offensive items on the plate.

The burger patty was the kind that comes in a plastic packet, frozen and pre-cooked. Heat and eat! Unfortunately this approach makes for a terrible burger experience. Nothing can make up for this travesty.

Rather than air all my grievances, I will complain about one more thing. The presentation. When you are required to go and pick up your meal, it would be handy if they served it in such a way as to allow safe passage from the kitchen to the table. There was devastation at the number of chips that fell from the precariously perched bucket on the stupid wooden board. I really should have included this in my photo…

I spent some time wondering if I should include this burger as part of my blog. Yes, it is a burger, but this is a pub burger. Completely devoid of any passion or thought. Such a shame to sully the great burger name with this aberration.

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New York Minute


Why on earth would you create a burger that is a complete copy of a Big Mac? I understand that McDonalds have sold billions of the things, but that does not mean that it is a recipe for success.

I was in the area for a trade show at Showgrounds, and had some time to kill. Perfect opportunity for a burger lunch. New York Minute had been on my radar, but I had never gone out of my way to find out whether they were worthy. So fitting that I should come here on 4th July.

Given the significance of the date to a place that references the US of A in their name, I was excited to find they were celebrating by offering their namesake New York burger at half price. Yes please!

Unfortunately, even at half price this is not a good deal. As I mentioned above, this is modeled on the Big Mac, and they really haven’t found any way to improve on the original. God knows that there are a few areas that could have been attacked in this mission.

The patties were thin, overcooked and not very tasty. Very McDonalds’ like. There were 3 parts to the bun as per the standard recipe. The bun was not soft like the original, and made this burger too much of a dry mouthful. Of course there was cheese – Swiss cheese of all things. Wrong. Lettuce; and last but not least, special sauce. A mayonnaise based tartare sauce like creation that really brought this burger home as a Big Mac clone.

Overall a poor excuse. I would actually rather go straight to the shop with the clown and get the original. You have been warned.

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