New York Minute


Why on earth would you create a burger that is a complete copy of a Big Mac? I understand that McDonalds have sold billions of the things, but that does not mean that it is a recipe for success.

I was in the area for a trade show at Showgrounds, and had some time to kill. Perfect opportunity for a burger lunch. New York Minute had been on my radar, but I had never gone out of my way to find out whether they were worthy. So fitting that I should come here on 4th July.

Given the significance of the date to a place that references the US of A in their name, I was excited to find they were celebrating by offering their namesake New York burger at half price. Yes please!

Unfortunately, even at half price this is not a good deal. As I mentioned above, this is modeled on the Big Mac, and they really haven’t found any way to improve on the original. God knows that there are a few areas that could have been attacked in this mission.

The patties were thin, overcooked and not very tasty. Very McDonalds’ like. There were 3 parts to the bun as per the standard recipe. The bun was not soft like the original, and made this burger too much of a dry mouthful. Of course there was cheese – Swiss cheese of all things. Wrong. Lettuce; and last but not least, special sauce. A mayonnaise based tartare sauce like creation that really brought this burger home as a Big Mac clone.

Overall a poor excuse. I would actually rather go straight to the shop with the clown and get the original. You have been warned.

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