Wanting to venture beyond the limits of the good food desert that is Sydney Olympic Park, but having walking as the only form of transport available, I found myself in Newington. There seems to be an abundance of Asian restaurants here. One of these stood out as my kind of place: Mokoji.

There is an air of something outside the norm here. Craft beer was certainly a drawcard, and the food looked interesting enough. As I was by myself, the choice was quite restricted. Barbecue is the specialty here, and this came with two major impediments. First, many of the dishes required more than one person at the table to order. Second, the barbecue options that were open to a single diner were so large, that I would need a couple of others to help me finish them anyway.


In the end I opted for a couple of the small sharing dishes, as I was not that hungry anyway. First was the fried squid tentacles. They came crumbed, and topped with a nice mayonnaise-style sauce that had a little kick to it. Disappointingly, the squid was overcooked and tough. But the flavour was at least good.

Next came the smoked pork belly. There was plenty of smoke flavour on the pork, and it was almost cooked properly. There was a firm bite and it had either been overcooked, or subjected to too much heat. Nonetheless a tasty dish. The sauce was a little too creamy, and it was a bit cloy and very rich. Perhaps a little less cream would be an improvement.

Service was attentive, but slightly unprofessional. Great to see some craft beers on the menu, and it was a damn sight better than any of the offerings near my hotel at Sydney Olympic Park. I didn’t get to try their specialty, so perhaps it is unfair to judge. It seems unlikely though, that I would be back to give them another chance.

Mokoji Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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