The Brewery


When work sends you to Sydney, and puts you up in a hotel in the middle of nowhere, there is some cause for complaint. Sydney Olympic Park is one such place. Although relatively close to Sydney, it is a desert in terms of good food.

Faced with great hunger, and a pub directly beneath my hotel, I ventured into “The Brewery” to find beer and food. First off, the brewery only serves beer from the world’s largest of brewhouses. The only thing in common with a brewery and “The Brewery” is there is beer here. Certainly no brewing taking place.

A small menu led me to make a poor choice. The beef burger. They have caught onto the burger craze in some way shape or form, as they proudly boasted the inclusion of a brioche bun. Actually the bun was one of the least offensive items on the plate.

The burger patty was the kind that comes in a plastic packet, frozen and pre-cooked. Heat and eat! Unfortunately this approach makes for a terrible burger experience. Nothing can make up for this travesty.

Rather than air all my grievances, I will complain about one more thing. The presentation. When you are required to go and pick up your meal, it would be handy if they served it in such a way as to allow safe passage from the kitchen to the table. There was devastation at the number of chips that fell from the precariously perched bucket on the stupid wooden board. I really should have included this in my photo…

I spent some time wondering if I should include this burger as part of my blog. Yes, it is a burger, but this is a pub burger. Completely devoid of any passion or thought. Such a shame to sully the great burger name with this aberration.

The Brewery Bar + Kitchen - Novotel Sydney Olympic Park Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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