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I thought about this one for some time. In the past I have invited criticism for posting negative reviews of places. I understand that people work hard, and it’s all too easy for me to walk in to someone’s business and cast judgement. But, in the end I feel that my opinions are impartial. It is just that: an opinion. I would like to continue to give them whether good or bad.

Based on the response from social media, people show a definite preference for positive messages. I value honesty over likes, so be warned, the following will be a bit negative. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

(Perhaps some back story is required here. See my post for the original and best, Chur Burger in Sydney: Chur Burger)

The best burger I have ever had in Australia was in Sydney. Oh, the shame Melbourne! It was at Chur Burger in Surry Hills. At the time there was only 1 other outlet, in Brisbane. I have never been to the Brisbane shop, but I suspected that it would be directly related to the Sydney version. About 1 year ago, Chur Burger did a pop-up at Kew Hotel. Naturally, I was super excited and went there immediately: Chur Burger (Hotel Kew). Whilst it was not quite up to the same level as my first Chur encounter, there were some encouraging signs. Everything was the same, just the execution needed some (very slight) tweaking.

Fast forward to August 2016, and I noticed driving along Swan St in Richmond that a permanent outlet was opening. HAPPY DAY! I was in the area a few weeks later and took the opportunity with both hands.

First impressions were an empty and cold place. Fair enough, so many people seem to be taking the uberEATS delivery option these days – especially in a cold Melbourne winter. But it was concerning for a new burger joint. The burger choice was lacking it seemed. No lettuce and tomato on offer really gets my goat. Salad people! Lots of strange choices that went well beyond the standard beef and chicken too.

The service was appalling, or should I say overbearing. The chips were brought to the table, and the server stood there, waiting for me to take the first bite, before eagerly asking for my opinion. “Are the chips good? Cooked right?” When the burgers arrived, they were left and he retreated to the counter. But, we were asked not once, but twice if we like the burgers. All this action was interspersed with a constant and annoying battle and abuse of the delivery people coming into the shop. Granted they seemed to be more than a little frustrating, but it did make our experience uncomfortable.


Finally the burger was just so disappointing. The level of effort seemed to be on par with McDonalds. No offence to Maccas, as they do spend quite some time on R&D and marketing I imagine. Solid rubber hockey puck (patty) – which did not come close to matching the diameter of the burger bun – in between a sloppily executed layer of sauces and cheese, with the only saving grace being the pickles. The pickles were the only thing that resembled the Sydney Chur experience. Basically, it was like eating a dry bread roll.

Would not recommend. Would not go again. Negative it may be, but that is my honest, truthful opinion. Whether popular or not, it is my firm intention to continue in that vain.

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