Diplomat Cafe


One of so many cafes that are spreading the inner city vibe to the burbs, Diplomat Cafe has a lot going for it. With arguably the best coffee on board (from roasters Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird, in Gardenvale), there was only 3 questions that were on my mind when I visited:

  1. Could they do those magnificent beans justice?
  2. Would the menu reach the same heights as the inner city cafes that this place seeks to emulate?
  3. Can they ooze the super-cool of the inner city with the mums and bubs in the burbs?

In answer to the first question, it is a resounding yes! I must admit to feeling a slight twinge of pride when I was served the coffee with the tasting notes. It was the same coffee that I am using at home with my new coffee machine. Yes it tasted great in this cafe, but more importantly, my efforts at home were comparable. This made me so happy.

For the second question, I have to say that on face value it ticks all the boxes. I had the smashed avo, which I must admit is a favorite of mine. I had read that they only included this dish reluctantly, understandably wanting to move beyond this ubiquitous dish and offer some new breakfast ideas. I have to say that I was not impressed with this version. It was tasty, although a little small, and the presentation left the eggs to get cold very quickly. Whilst it was not bursting with flavour, I was not really in the mood for caring – they got the coffee right.

For the final question, naturally the decor brought that cool vibe to the party. The staff were all dressed in aprons with thick leather straps. Some had tattoos, as is de riguer in these environments. The service was professional and efficient – exactly where my requirements begin and end. There were a lot of prams and young children on this weekday lunch, but the mix of clientele kept The Diplomat firmly in the cool category for me. A worthy addition to this neighborhood, as well as bringing the best coffee within reach of my office HQ.

The Diplomat Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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