Aptly named due to it’s position on Izett St – or is it? (Did you see what I did there?!)

Right in the heart of Prahran, just back from Chapel St and Greville St, ISIT sits amongst a group of cafes that seems to be ever expanding. If you want to succeed here, you’d better be good. This wasn’t my first visit. I had sampled the coffee a few times previously and knew it was good. Time to put the food to the test methinks.

A morning seating on a sunny day sees your face pointing squarely into the sun. In the afternoon, the situation reverses, providing some protection on hotter days. The glare would be something to keep in mind if coming here early, although it only affects the few seats out the front. There is a courtyard out the back and ample seating inside. Setup is basic, with all the essentials provided. They are not trying to be too modern, or fit into a certain mould of cafe styling. It’s practical, if not stylish.

The menu has all the usual suspects; another area where there are few chances taken. I chose the Avocado Smash, as if to reinforce their choice to stick with the Prahran cafe formula. The semi-dried tomatoes – that were clearly made in house – added a nice touch to this popular dish. Otherwise the only deviation from the standard was the fresh mint used as garnish. Nice touches that add to the quality bread, nice portion of avocado, and perfectly balanced salty/creamy feta cheese. Of course, poached eggs can be added to make this more of a meal.

I can understand why the cafes in the area stick together, preferring not to stray from the expected breakfast offerings. With so much competition in close proximity, it would be a bold choice to go it alone. We are creatures of habit, and breakfast is perhaps the one area where we are most likely to stick to our favorite over and over again. ISIT manages to win in terms of consistency and their coffee is a testament to that. This is one area where any cafe could totally lose the game. But, their coffee game is strong; one of the best in Prahran in my humble opinion…

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