The Kettle Black


Perhaps The Kettle Black suffers from high expectations.

I had been wanting to visit for quite some time, but I’m not one for waiting in line for any length of time. Believe me, if you want to brunch at this place on the weekend, you’d better be prepared to wait. Sitting amongst a bunch of uninspiring looking “business” cafes – that no doubt do a solid job of catering to those office bods who need lunch mid-week, but don’t want to spend $20+ for the privilege – it seems like a shining light that is sure to live up to the hype.

No doubt it is obvious now that I was somewhat underwhelmed by my experience.

The coffee was a shining light, or at least my long black was. Perhaps the service was lacking in that there was no mention of coffee choices when I ordered. I was told that mine was the single origin special once it actually arrived. Lucky this was exactly what I wanted. Tick for the coffee… sort of. My dining companion ordered a soy flat white. Putting the soy bit aside for one moment, we both looked at each other and commented on the presentation of the coffee. Looked like a massive white blob of foam on the top. The second one after the meal was slightly better, with the blob resembling the outline of some kind of tulip or other foam form.

The food choices were solid, without being inspiring. I had the chili scrambled eggs, which were well executed. Perhaps a little too much bread, but the generous cube of feta cheese was a welcome addition. Only thing that was lacking a little is the spice that you expect in a dish with “chili” in the name.


The other dish is the avocado on toast. Can’t comment on the eating, although the simple presentation is a bold statement and shows great confidence.

Perhaps the most disappointing element of the experience was the service. It just seemed absent. There was little effort to make us feel welcome. When it is quiet at 9:30am mid-week, you would expect a higher level of service than during a mad weekend rush. Perhaps they just all take a breath for one second and enjoy the opportunity to relax. I expected more.

No doubt my opinion is of no consequence to the roaring trade that is going on down here. Based on my experience I can’t really understand why so many people would choose to wait in line. It is a good cafe, but not worth the hype.

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